Pups and people agree on Happy Tails

Get a sneak peek at the canine cast of a new commercial series featured on local radio. Check back soon for details—and find out how you can pick your favorite character.

Meet the gang

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Nigel, Bulldog

Despite his gloom and doom mug, Nigel is a cautious, methodical soul with a good-natured personality. He likes to chase ducks, frogs and bouncing balls. Nicknamed “Drool and Drop”, he just can’t help drooling and suffers from flatulence. He’s new to the Falls, but is loving, the Happy Tails Dog Park.

Mo, Irish Setter

Even though Mo is of Irish decent, he has lived at the Falls since he was three. Slightly mischievous and extremely inquisitive, Mo tends to put the zing into any situation. Most of the time, you’ll find him hanging out with his buddies and chasing the “lassies” whenever he can.

Daisy, St. Bernard

Known as the canine “Esther Williams” of her day, Daisy is a retired Hollywood starlet, famous for her swimming and diving abilities. She is the mother of the canine club and is always available for advice and a lick or two.

Babette, Poodle

Beautiful and vibrant, Babette is the life of any gathering. Even though she’s new to the Falls, she has made a big impression. She already knows everything that’s going on around the Falls. Elegant, proud and quite clever, Babette has won over one hundred blue ribbons for Best in Show.

Max, Beagle

Even though Max is handsome and an avid hunter, he tends to be a nervous wreck, especially around females. He is hard-wired for chasing squirrels and other varmint and lives for basking in the sun, reading under a nearby tree and taking long walks, pondering life at the Falls.

Duke, Australian Shepherd

A born leader, Duke loves to lead the pack whether at the trails, dog park or Lake Club. Retired from wrangling sheep in Australia, Duke moved to the Falls a few years ago and loves living here. He has quick intellect and can out-think anyone in any given situation.

Gus, Basset Hound

Gus, nicked named, Grumpy Gus, has a hard time waking up. His claim to fame was in 2010 when he broke the Scent Tracking record after pursuing a squirrel’s scent across 1,000 acres of Falls’ nature preserves. He found the critter stuck inside a log, but fell asleep before he captured it.

Buster, Boxer

Buster is a handsome dog with numerous tricks up his white furry sleeve. He left a life as a co-conspirator in a cat burglar to become a boxer. He’s a hunk with a sense of humor, and won the gold medal in Romp and Jump four years in a row at Happy Tails Dog Park Doggie Olympics.

Jack, Jack Russell Terrier

The “Barney Fife” of the Lake Club, Jack is always on the job making sure everyone follows the rules at the Falls. Energetic and efficient, Jack is the “know-it-all” of the group and pokes his nose into everything. Jack often volunteers to guard a bone or chew toy for long hours and even days, if needed.